Activities Planned for Year 2020


Webinars/ online video sessions by chairperson/member of any committee

Topics suggested

                • Care during COVID-19
                • Empowering young nurses in leadership, advocacy and communication skills
                • Challenges of Nurses in translating best Evidence into clinical practice
                • Utilization of clinical research studies
                • Assertiveness training for young nurses


  • Online Quiz competition on Nursing Research
  • Online panel discussion (zone wise)
  • Sharing stories of untold, unsung, uncelebrated nurses
  • Interview of some successful nurses (video, interview/phone interview/or through email)
  • Describing a day in your life ( to give friends and family an insight into nursing)
  • Sharing some motivational story of a nurse who is doing any unconventional projects other than  nursing
  • Are you proud to be a Nurse? ( some video of nurses which would be publicized via social media, website, twitter and can select any best 3 videos if more videos are submitted)
  • Online photography competition of a nurse life or anything related to it.
  • Planning of small clinical research project, meta- analysis or any case studies etc.